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A Goodbye Message to the Class of 2020

Thank you to the Georgetown High School juniors for putting together a thoughtful goodbye message to the class of 2020!


Time to pick-up Senior Cap & Gowns

Georgetown High School

Drive-In Graduation

June 13, 2020


St. Mary’s Church Parking Lot


GHS Class of 2020 Graduation Update, 5/28

Dear Class of 2020 Students and Families,

I am happy to share with you that the Georgetown High School Class of 2020 graduation is scheduled for 10:00am on June 13th at St. Mary’s church. The graduation will be a drive-in style celebration. What this means is families will be able to see their graduate walk across the stage and receive their high school diploma from the safe distance of their vehicles. Graduates will be seated in front of the stage at a safe social distance. After the graduation, a parade through Georgetown will be lead by the police.

Tomorrow, seniors are picking up their graduation regalia and drop off their school materials. Please see the schedule on the GMHS Principal’s Blog at  In their graduation packet is their cap, gown, and parking pass for the graduation. Please keep this parking pass in a safe place for you will need it to enter the graduation ceremony. Vehicles without a pass will not be allowed to enter. Below is the parking information printed on the back of the parking pass.

More information to come as we get closer to the celebration.

I look forward to seeing everyone.


Dan Richards

Georgetown High School Graduation

June 13, 2020

Parking Information


  • General Information:


    • Georgetown High School Graduation ceremony begins at 10:00am at St. Mary’s Church 94 Andover St.  Georgetown, MA
    • In the event of an emergency, dial 911 for Fire/EMS and Police (give location car make/model, use of hand signals).
    • Carefully navigate through the parking lot while entering and leaving (follow instructions from parking attendant).
    • In the event of an emergency, please wait for instructions on how to proceed.
  • Parking Information:
    • Parking Pass Distribution – Students will be given their family parking passes for the graduation ceremony when they pick up their cap and gowns. Please present your parking passes when arriving at the ceremony. This will be your ticket to enter the parking lot.
    • Parking at St. Mary’s Church – Parking will be organized by the Georgetown police department. They will direct guests where to park to help maximize space. The parking lot is large enough to accommodate all guests.
    • Vehicle – Students will be allowed one vehicle per family. Any student who has a unique family situation and needs a second vehicle should contact Mrs. Morgan at All large vehicles (large SUV) will be placed in the back rows in order for everyone to have a view of the ceremony. If possible, please consider arriving in a smaller vehicle.
    • Honored Guests With Students Graduating – In order to ensure you have a parking space in the front row, you need to arrive by 8:30am. Please bring a small vehicle so guests parked behind you are able to see the ceremony. If you choose to bring a larger vehicle (large SUV) you will be instructed to park on the ends of the front row.  Please present your parking passes when arriving. This will be your ticket to enter the ceremony. Honored guest parking passes will be purple.
    • Honored Guest Without Students Graduating – Parking will be available in the lower parking lot behind the church. Please indicate this to the parking attendant when you arrive. Once parked, please proceed to the front of the church where you will be seated in the honored guest section. Please present your parking pass when arriving. This will be your ticket to enter the ceremony. Honored guest parking passes will be blue.
    • General Admission Parking- Parking will begin at 9:00am. Please bring a smaller vehicle so guests behind you can see the ceremony. Larger vehicles (large SUV) will be parked in the back rows. Please present your parking pass when arriving. This will be your ticket to enter the ceremony. General admission guest parking passes will be yellow.

GMS 8th Grade Memorial Day Project