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July, 2018

Dear Incoming 7th-Graders,

Happy Summer Vacation!!  We wanted to welcome each and every one of you and let you know when the next time we will see you here at the Middle/High School.

We will have an orientation on Tuesday, August 28th from 9:00am to 10:30am at the Middle/High School. The iPad Academy will begin at 10:30am and last approximately one hour.  Your parents are encouraged to take part but are not required to do so. We will meet in the auditorium for a short time then you will be divided into your 7th-grade classroom groups.  You will meet your 7th-grade teachers and be given a tour around the school for a scavenger hunt. Schedules will be handed out and you will be able to practice opening your lockers.

Your parents are also invited and they will head to the cafeteria for coffee and conversation.  I will be there to meet them.

So please save the date!  We look forward to seeing you. Your summer reading packet is enclosed.  The 7th-grade supply list and ISBN list are also enclosed and available at the main office.

Please call us at 978-352-5790 if you have any questions or visit the GMHS Principal’s Blog at


Daniel Richards

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