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Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear GMHS Families:

This week, May 4 – 8 is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I know I’m not alone in feeling beyond impressed by the Georgetown educators, especially during this unprecedented time.

Teachers are inspiring me by finding new ways to support their students every week. They’re creating interactive materials, sending more emails, joining more virtual meetings, and making efforts to reach out to students than ever before. They’re finding ways to continue differentiating instruction in small groups – all over video. They’re doing drive-bys and mail-outs to make sure kids know they care.

So much has changed, so quickly – but the dedication of our Georgetown teachers remains consistent.

That’s why I’m so glad Teacher2Teacher and #PrincipalProject have created a way to show some Teacher Appreciation Week gratitude to our educators:

You can create and share a #DearTeachers message here – with a note of thanks to the teachers on your team or to educators everywhere:

By creating a graphic and sharing it online, we can contribute to a big wave of gratitude for our Georgetown teachers. Below is a sample:

THANK YOU, TEACHERS: for your insatiable drive to break down the barriers that would have kept you from your students. You are doing things never before done, and the mark you are leaving on the world will not soon be forgotten.Please, join me in thanking all the educators who are doing so much right now:

Create and share your #DearTeachers graphic for Teacher Appreciation Week!

I’m grateful to be part of a community that cares so much about teaching, learning, and most important of all, our students.

Thank you GMHS teachers for all that you do!



Principal Richards

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